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Trailing Leaves of Glory Redux

How many times can you see a sweetgum tree or a Japanese maple in full, blazing-red fall regalia before you get jaded? For me, the answer is ∞.

So here is yet another slideshow, featuring beeches, japanese maples, chestnuts, swamp cypresses, sweetgum trees (Amberbaum), red oaks, swamps oaks, Caucasian wingnuts, and even a special guest appearance by the redoubtable dawn redwood (the fabulously-named metasequoia glyptostroboides), a rare prehistoric deciduous needle-tree thought to be extinct until living specimens were found in China in the 1940s. It's still considered critically endangered!

Epileptics be advised: This slideshow features some dramatic, mind-breakingly psychedelic 'action photos' taken while I was riding my bike really fast and not holding my camera very steady.