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Straight Outta Tirana: Hip Hop Shqip, Vol. 5

Hip Hop Shqip Front Cover 
Hip Hop Shqip Back Cover

Albanians took to hip hop early -- by the mid-1990s, the scene was established, and it shows no sign of petering out. Albanian here refers to the language -- the performers could well come from Albania, Kosovo, Montenegro, or from Albanian-speaking expat communities in Europe or the U.S.

I found this album in a small town on the road to Prizren. "Shqip" is the Albanian word for Albanian, and the double-headed eagle appears on the Albanian flag. Here's the album, encoded into .mp3 format.*Enjoy!**

Hip Hop Shqip

* I post this album as a non-commercial, educational exercise in inter-cultural understanding, to draw attention to the rich cultural diversity of Albaniania. When it comes to copyright violations, nobody in the world has less credibility than Kosovars, who seem to regard ripping foreign movies and media as practically a birthright. Trust me.

** Uncultured boor that I am, I speak no Albanian. Therefore, if this record contains references to highly colorful sexual practices or the disregard for chastity displayed by the mothers Serbians, I plead ignorance.