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Greek Voters Defy the Remorseless Neoliberal Profit Machine


More coverage you probably won't see in German:

ATHENS -- Alexis Panagiorgios used to run a small tailor shop in Psirri, a neighborhood of Athens. Now he lives in a carboard box on a street. 'People used to have money. Dignity. That is all gone now. And all because of the rapacious, relentless, remorseless, heartless turbo-capitalism of the cynical bankers of the USA. Oh wait, no I mean Germany. Sorry about that, I've been a Communist so long it was just force of habit.' Since 2010, the Greek economy has plunged into free-fall, with unemployment nearing 30%. Suicides, depression and divorce have skyrocketed. An entire generation has been robbed of dignity and hope.

Yet just a few hundred kilometers away, German bankers insist that the destruction of the Greek economy must go further. And German politicians, the bankers' faithful helpmeets, are singing the very same song. A cabal of unelected bureaucrats from three international organizations, the troika, insisted in 2010 on savage cuts to Greek public spending. Ignoring the advice of thousands of economists including Nobel Prize winners Joseph Stiglitz and Paul Krugman, the troika claimed that cutting government spending in a recession would somehow revive the economy. Yet their cold neoliberal calculation turned out to be completely false, plunging millions of fellow Europeans into deep suffering.

Days ago, the Greeks decided to give the neoliberal economic bosses in Frankfurt a lesson in democracy. They rallied behind a progressive candidate. 'We feel so proud and happy now', Panagiorgos said. 'Finally someone is willing to stand up to the economic bullying of Uncle Sam. Oh wait, I meant Aunt Angela.' Greeks celebrated their escape from the neoliberal straitjacket long into the night...

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