A Note About Sources
"German, not Arabic!"

Bleg: Local/National Press Reports of Violence in Refugee Shelters?

One thing I've noticed recently is that the national, mainstream German media rarely focuses extended attention on violence and crime in Germany's overcrowded refugee shelters. To get this information, you usually have to scour the websites of local German newspapers. 

When you do, the results are shocking. The picture is of hundreds of random strangers packed into close quarters with very little privacy and no security. There are nowhere near enough German police to bring order to shelters housing 500,000? 600,000? people, and even if there were, the police wouldn't speak the language. Many shelters, therefore, seem to have no security, or only 'private security guards', i.e. rent-a-cops, who are likely low-paid, not trained for this job, and unable to speak Pashto or Arabic. Some of them even turn out to be Islamic extremists or members of organized crime.

I think this is a gigantic scandal. Mainly because women are being raped and Christians, Yezidis and gays threatened with death -- and the criminals doing these things are getting off scot-free and are permitted to move around Germany freely. Also, my personal view is that Germany has allowed far too many people in too quickly without sufficient checks. I get the strong impression that the security situation in many of these places is out of control. (You don't have to agree with that, by the way.)

Lawless zones of random violence, right here in Germany.

So my bleg, if you are so inclined, is to include in comments links to local or national German press coverage of violence in German refugee shelters. Preferably to sources without a clear political bias, although I'll accept those too, if they actually have facts to report, not opinion, speculation or rumors. After I collect enough of these, I'll translate them into English for a worldwide audience and post a longer piece, perhaps even submit it to a newspaper.