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A Shout-Out to My Readers and Commenters

I'm not a sentimental man, but I'd just like to take a minute to thank all the readers and commenters of this blog. According to Typepad, that extremely fickle mistress (lookin' at you, MM), these are the stats so far, and the recent trend:



As you can see, the ratio of posts to comments is 1 to 3. The comments are the life-blood of this blog. The difference between screaming in a padded room and having a pleasant conversation over mimosas. And unlike so many bloggers, I have never had to disable, remove, or screen comments, except to prevent spam. No matter what the language, the discussion in comments is always civilized, even when you're tearing me -- or another commenter --a new asshole.

And ohne Scheiß, as they say in Cologne, I've learned an incredible amount from the comments to this blog. Just today, I learned how to download classical concerts from Youtube in good sound quality. That's just the tip of the iceberg. I've even used stuff from the comments in my boring academic publications. Don't expect a cut of the profits (currently € 0.00) though.

I don't have to tell you to keep it up. I know you will, and I'm counting on it.