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The US and the UK Should Be Forced to Take Millions of Refugees

I know I'm over the limit on migrant crisis posts, but I thought I should just add, one thing for clarity's sake: the primary nations that should be taking in millions of refugees from Syria, Iraq, and Afghanistan are the United States and then the United Kingdom.

It was the disastrous decisions to launch a full-scale invasion and occupation of Afghanistan and Iraq that are the root causes of most of the turmoil and conflict from which the refugees are fleeing. All issues of expense, integration, practicality fade into insignificance against the moral culpability of the US and UK. In a just world, the US and UK alone would be forced to deal with the problems of integrating these millions of refugees, no ifs, ands, or buts.

Since we don't live in a just world, other countries have to deal with the nightmare the US and UK (with some help from regional actors) unleashed. But every American news article about the alleged failures of European leaders should begin with the phrase: "Since the United States has cravenly ducked responsibility for the refugee crisis it caused..."

Consider that phrase beginning all my remaining posts about refugees from the Middle East.