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Syrians Only 34% of 2015 Arrivals, Huge Numbers of Balkan 'Refugees'

Yours Truly in The New York Times

Many thanks to the commenter who suggested I chip in something for the New York Times series on migrants. The Times just published a portion of what I submitted. Severely truncated, of course, but it still gets across a point which I think most outsiders still don't really grasp:

Andrew Hammel, 47, Düsseldorf

What most outsiders don’t realize is that the majority of people entering Germany in 2015 are not refugees. Hundreds of thousands of people took advantage of the open borders to stream in from places such as Albania, Morocco, Mali, Algeria, Tunisia, Iran, Nigeria, Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, Serbia, Egypt and literally dozens of other countries. Most of them are young males who have no claim to asylum under international or German law. They are not activists, writers or journalists. They are simply people hoping to find a better-paying job.

The other contributions are interesting. I think I'm the only one who comes across as critical of Merkel's policy so far, but it looks like the series will be ongoing, so we'll see how matters develop. They included a link to my Facebook page, so I'd better get rid of all the links to my contributions to Landser and Compact.