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This Blog is Now Moving to Facebook Permanently

For those of you already on Facebook, please visit my Facebook page here and sign up.

From now on, I will be posting exclusively to Facebook. There are a couple of reasons for this:

  • Trying to keep up discussions on two different platforms is too much effort for a side-project.
  • On Facebook, I can control who sees these posts, and make sure they're more likely to reach people who, let's say, are likely to understand the spirit in which they're posted. On a blog, they reach everyone. This was tolerable as long as it was the only option available, but now with Facebook, there is an option, so it's long past time to switch.
  • Integrating videos and pictures is much easier.
  • Responses on Facebook are instant, and I can read and post to Facebook from anywhere, including smartphone
  • The commenting and response functions on Facebook are light-years easier to use and more responsive. I can't say how many times I've wanted to 'like' a particularly good comment here, but no go.

I understand that some of you have privacy and other concerns about Facebook, but that doesn't affect my decision. The advantages of Facebook are so overwhelming now that there is no real choice. Blogs are horse-driven carriages, Facebook is a modern luxury air-conditioned bus. Everyone get out of the carriage and on to the bus. You won't regret it. 

Also, anyone can take simple steps to keep themselves anonymous on Facebook. It's quite easy. Create a profile not using your real name or information, and upload a random picture. Bingo, you're done. Nobody will check it, nobody will close your account, and you will be free to read and comment and post on anything as long as I friend you.

All you need to do is create a profile, then visit my Facebook profile here. Request to add me as a friend. Because I limit the number of people I friend (spam friend requests are common on Facebook, don't friend anyone whose name you don't recognize or who's not already friends with someone you know) please let me know you're from the blog. Do this either my adding a message to your friend request, or, if you use a fake name, by making sure your fake name has the word 'joy' somewhere in it. 'Joy Buzzer'. 'Richard Joyington'. 'Mr. Joyboy'. You can also use your real name, as I do. I've been Facebooking for years under my real name, and I've never noticed a single piece of spam mail or any problems.

Alternatively, you can simply 'like' my page and follow my public posts without friending me. It's up to you. I've enjoyed blogging here for the past few years, and I look forward to continuing the debates on Facebook.

I don't want to be too much of a martinet here, but this decision is final and irreversible. I've even shut off comments on this post, since reading complaints about this decision benefits neither me nor anyone else. See you all on Facebook!