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Suspiciously Sickly-Sweet Sentimental Stupidity

Actual, Genuine, No-Foolin' Syrian War Refugee Finds and Returns € 150,000

And now from the Bild newspaper: 25-year-old Muhannad M., a genuine, actual, legitimate, honest-to-God Syrian war refugee from the devastated city of Homs, arrived nine months ago. He has been granted refugee status, like virtually all Syrians, and was recently set up in a small apartment in Minden. While cleaning it, he noticed a false bottom and opened it to reveal a stack of € 500 notes adding up to € 150,000.



At first he thought they were fakes, but did some internet research and found they were genuine. He reported them to the immigration office, which alerted the police. As he puts it: "I am a Moslem. I could not keep this money for myself. My faith forbids it." If nobody claims the money, he will get a € 4,500 reward. Even though he could use the money finance the journey for other family members, "Allah would never allow me to pursue my own interests with other people's property."

While I'm not quite so sure about that last part, Muhannad seems like fine fellow and I'm glad Germany's giving him refuge.

See, it's not all doom and gloom over here!