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German Word of the Week: Schlammbeiser

The 'Sex Gangster' from Longerich Detained and Released

Here he is, in 'action':


Just in case you were wondering, that's him, leaning up against a car, manipulating his (presumably) erect penis in broad daylight in Longerich, a neighborhood in Cologne, Germany. Two women, one aged 28, one aged 41, reported him to the police (g) for masturbating in front of them.

He was identified by police as a 27-year-old Iranian registered at a nearby migrant hostel. Police brought him in for questioning and started an investigation, but because there were no valid grounds to keep him in prison under German law, he was then released.

I've said it before, and I'll say it again: A considerable number of the young males Europe imported in 2015 appear to be deeply disturbed.