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Sex Crimes in Bavaria

No, not a Fassbinder film. This chart, from a recent Don Alphonso column:

Bavaria sex

From the annual crime statistics of the German state of Bavaria. From 2014-2015, there was an increase of 3.4% in reported serious sex crimes (825 to 853); an increase of 8.5% in suspects found (from 709 to 769). The number of non-German sex offenders increased by 40.8%, from 233 to 328. The percentage of sex crimes committed by non-Germans increased from 32.9% to 42.7%.

Yet another data point supporting the thesis that imported young males are directly counteracting the trend toward less violent crime among aging native Germans. If it hadn't been for the 95 additional sex crimes committed by foreigners in 2015, there would have been a decrease in the total number of sex crimes from 825 to 758 -- an 8.1% decrease. Instead, the number of sex crimes by foreigners increased by 95, driving the overall incidence of sex crime up by 3.4%.

Almost all the statistics I've seen tell exactly the same story. Germany was on the road to becoming an increasingly safe society, a natural consequence of its aging population. Then the government began importing large numbers of random young males from failed states. They are pretty much single-handedly ensuring that the level violent crime in Germany remains stable or goes up.

Unless you're a fan of violent crime, I wouldn't exactly call this a policy success, would you?