My Mystical Powers Increase: Another Two Predictions Fulfilled

For those of you keeping score at home, this is a post about my eerie mystical power of precognition, not migrants.

Me, September 21:

"One of my favorite commenters Ralph predicts Merkel may get the Nobel this year."

Today, AFP: Merkel 'has good chance' of winning Nobel Peace Prize.

Me, a few days ago:

"Lucky profiteers, whether they make mattresses, cots, portable toilets, or containers, will make millions in windfall profits as German officials desperately struggle to accommodate too many migrants."

Yesterday: "Manufacturers of Container Houses Raise Prices by Ten Times" (g)

How Do I Predict the Future?


Some of you may be wondering how I predict German and EU immigration policy days, weeks, even months in advance. Just this morning, I blogged: "I predict there will be drastic changes in policy very soon." And lo and behold, just hours later Germany sealed off its borders -- as if on my command! 

Is it a mystical gift? A pact with the devil? Aquarust?

No, dear readers, it's none of those things. It's a mixture of 7 secret ingredients that I, in my infinite generosity, now reveal to you, my beloved disciples:

  1. Common sense. (You Marxists may prefer to call it "bourgeois common sense" in scare-quotes. Be my guest!)
  2. Anglo-Saxon pragmatism.
  3. Google-Fu.
  4. An understanding of basic statistics.
  5. 46 years of worldly experience.
  6. A bit of travel in the third world.
  7. Knowledge and acceptance of human nature.

I won't reveal the proportions. That's my secret. Stand by for more German Joys Predictions™ to come true in the coming days!