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Paris casino vs Bordeaux casino reviews: Which one to choose?

Having found striking similarities between  the Paris casino  as well as the Bordeaux casino , we decided to conduct this test to present you the strengths and weaknesses of each of these two casinos. We will arrive at a verdict at the end of the comparison, hoping that it will allow you to make the most appropriate choice!

Paris casino reviews

Probably one of the most fashionable casinos currently,  the  Paris casino seems to greatly appeal to the French, and even attracts international players, notably many Belgians and Swiss. The Paris casino toy library is well stocked with different types of games of chance, including:

  • A large choice of slot machines.
  • Several variants of roulette.
  • Less popular games like scratch cards.
  • Card games, etc.

Question choice, diversity is there, with hundreds of titles. In addition, the customer will be able to navigate on a  fast and fluid interface , which also works perfectly on mobile. The major problem of this gaming site  online regarding payment methods that are already not very numerous, and do not allow either to withdraw his money in a very short time. This is the major negative point of the Paris casino , and most often noted by customers.

What to think of the Bordeaux casino?

Before starting our gaming experience at Boredeaux casino , we could see that it benefited from the positive opinions of most players who do not hesitate to post their comments and impressions on  social networks  (especially Facebook). To learn more about the opinions of players  on these two casinos (including the Paris casino), do not hesitate to visit this website .

Again, we are on a casino which is of good quality, and which allows us to offer an interesting service in the sense that the toy library is well supplied, customer service which is available and  easily reachable, but where the bonuses are unfortunately quite poor and limited.  Unlike the  Paris casino , it is less easy to quickly get rich and increase your winnings through the promotions that are offered. The  VIP corner of Bordeaux casino  is not so convincing either, and the payment methods, although more interesting than those of Paris casino, will not be very useful to you since the chances of success and victory are considerably reduced if you opt for  the casino of Bordeaux.

Paris casino vs Bordeaux casino: our results 

In conclusion, we prefer the Paris casino , which stands out not only for  its quality of games and its security, but also for its seniority in the field. Although the numerous updates have not made it possible so far, to really and concretely improve the quality and speed of the payment methods , the rest of the services offered remain impeccable and should suit you, allowing you among other things to bet in a protected and secure environment and to enjoy a wide range of games, of all types and styles combined.



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